Let’s document the big moments - and the imperfect ones, too

I'm here for it all!

Playing baby shark to make your kiddo smile and that eyes-shut-tight-it's-so-good-moment

Becoming a mother was the turning point that ignited my passion for photography and gave me the confidence to chase my dreams.

During my early college years, I often daydreamed about becoming a National Geographic photographer. However, I found myself lacking the confidence and resources to start this journey so I pushed the thought aside. As I continued my education, my interest in photography grew. I began taking photography classes and frequently rented cameras from my university. I wanted to join the photography club, I even went to one meeting, but none of my friends were interested in going and I was too painfully shy to commit to joining a club by myself

After my daughter, Marlayna Rose, was born I started taking her newborn and milestone photos. Draping black sheets as backgrounds over her crib and taking the photos on portrait mode on my trusty iphone. Looking back, those early photos might not have been perfect, but they rekindled my love for photography. This time, I had someone special watching me. I felt a deep desire to set an example for her, to show her that it's never too late to follow your dreams.

By day I work as a marketing specialist, but nights, weekends or holidays, I'm working on my craft. I primarily work with couples, and families but most of all I love to help couples preserve moments from their wedding day!

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